• Airia, a common female air fairy, not very agile, jumpy or tanky, but with strong spells
  • Luria, the evolution of Airia, that has more health, agility and jump energy at the cost of her magic.
  • Laticia, final form of Airia, has more health and jump ability than Luria, but loses little dexterity.
  • Sirael, a common male air fairy, with minimal health, poor jump and medium agility and strong magic.
  • Gorael, evolution, that has medium health, maximum agility, minimal jump and strong magic.
  • Fathrael, final form, with strong health, minimal agility, maximum jump ability and strong magic.
  • Sirella, rare female fairy, with minimal health, maximum dexterity, strong jump and medium magic.
  • Tineves, very rare creature fairy, which evolves from Tinefol if an Elementary Stone of Air is used. It has medium health, maximum dexterity and jump and poor magic.

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