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Dunmore is a swamp goblin settlement. It has a shop, a spell merchant and the Rune to Tiralin can be found here. It is besieged by Shadow goblins. At first, it can only be accessed using the Rune to Dunmore.

Shop Edit

As long as the shadow goblins are not defeated in Dunmore, the merchant will charge higher prices than normal for his items. After the player has defeated the shadow goblins, the merchant will charge less coins for large healing potions and healing herbs.

The following items can be bought after the shadow goblins are defeated:

  • Small healing potion, 5
  • Medium healing potion, 10
  • Large healing potion, 15
  • Healing herbs, 15
  • Garlic atomizer, 30

Spell Merchant Edit

The spell merchant can be found in the Shop. He will sell water and psi spells.

Shadow Goblin General Edit

The Shadow goblin general is leading the forces besieging Dunmore. He has 5 fairies around level 16. After his defeat, the player will get the Ocean Conch from him.