Endeva is a small village in the Fairy Garden.

Endeva 1024x768

The village Endeva

The fairy master Rufus can be found here. The pixie guardian Lucius and his son Seamus are also here at first. A shop and a tavern can be visited aswell. A Forest Owl is sitting on a fence near the entrance.

Rufus Edit

Rufus is a fairy master and gives the player a key to his house. Inside the player can choose between 3 fairies:

After the player has received the pixie bag Rufus proposes a fairie battle. He has some random fairies around level 4-8.

Shop Edit

The shopkeeper is pestered by a pixie at first. Until the player receives the pixie bag and catches the pixie he is unable to trade with the elf. Healing herbs can be bought for 15 instead of 20 coins here.

The following items can be purchased from the shopkeeper:

  • Small Healing Potion, 5
  • Medium Healing Potion, 10
  • Big Healing Potion, 20
  • Healing Herbs, 15
  • Mana Potion, 30