Book Number: 5
Type: Stone
Gender: Male
Evolves from: Grem
Evolves to: Gremrock
Hit Points: Twostar
Dexterity: Fivestar
Jump Ability: Threestar
Special: Onestar

Gremor is a Fairy of Stone. He evolves from Grem at level 30 and evolves into Gremrock at level 35.

Book of Fairies entryEdit

If a Grem metamorphoses to a Gremor, his strength, maturity and valor are increased. His good-naturedness doesn't influence his fighting, but as a companion he'll soon make friends with other fairies.


Growth Edit

Level New Spell Level reached
25 Stone offStone offJoker off / Stone defStone defStone def / / Stone def
? (max)

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