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What are Runes?Edit

Runes in ZanZarah serve the purpose of teleporting the main character quickly through the world. They are found usually shortly after passing the point they teleport Amy to. The only exception to that rule is the Rune to the Fairy Garden which you find in the beginning of the game in a chest in the attic in your flat in London where the goblin Rafi has placed it. 

Which Runes are there to find?Edit

There are 10 runes to find in the game, to win the game it is necessary that you find at least two of these. Those are the runes to the Fairy Garden and to London. Additionally you can find the runes to Monagham, the Dwarf Tower, the Realm of the Clouds, the Ice World, Tiralin, the Shadow Realm, Dunmore and the Cottage.