Spell Merchants are special characters that will sell spells to the player.

Spell merchant

A Spell Merchant

They can be found in various places and every merchant will sell a different set of spells. If the player decides to buy spells from the merchant, he will select five random spells from his set. However, these five slots can also be filled with blanks, which reduces selections of spells. The player can only buy one skill at a time and the merchant will always charge 10 coins, no matter if the player buys a spell or not. If the player has obtained the Cloverleaf, the number of blanks is permanently reduced.

Smith Edit

Dwarf smith

The dwarf smith

The smith is a dwarf who will sell metal spells if the player has obtained the Tools of the Dwarves. With the exception of beeing a dwarf, his spell sale works identical to the spells merchants system.

Locations Edit

Spell merchants can be found in these locations:

Location Spell Types
Tiralin stone, water, nature
The Fairy Garden energy
The Cottage water, nature, stone
Dunmore water, psi
Catacombs of Tiralin ice, chaos
The Realm of Clouds light, air
The Realm of Clouds light
Monagham (smith) metal
Monagham fire, psi
The Shadow Realm fire, chaos, ice, dark