Dark cathedral outside

Entrance to the Dark Cathedral

Warning, this page contains spoilers!

Cathedral interior

The Dark Cathedral and the Guardian

The Dark Cathedral is the final area in Zanzarah . It is the place where the Guardian is situated. It can only be entered from the Shadow Realm, following the Blue Bone Key path. Inside the cathedral, the player encounters the White Druid. The Druid will challenge the player to a fairie duel, using stone, water and chaos fairies around level 49. After he has been defeated, he will teleport himself to the upper area where the player has to challenge him again. He will use different fairies this time, at least one Suane and some other random fairies. They are below level 50 aswell. After his final defeat, he will remove the magic protecting the Guardian. Two pixies can be found near him.

The Guardian Edit

Upon talking to the Guardian fairy the final battle will start. The player has to face several metal fairies with the Guardian beeing an Gigarex at level 60. The other fairies are around level 40. During the battle, several stationary turrets will shoot at the player. They should be destroyed at first, as it will make the battle considerably easier. After all the metal fairies are defeated the outro video will be shown. It is not possible to continue the game after the final battle.