The fairy garden is the first place the player will enter in the fairy world.

Fairy garden 1024x768

Southern Fairy Garden

The Cottage (2) and the village Endeva (1) can be found here. The Fairy Garden is split into three areas, with the village Endeva in the middle.

Fairy garden map 276x214

Endeva (1), The Cottage (2)

Southern Fairy Garden Edit

The southern Fairy Garden is the first area accessible to the player. Its also the home of Rafi. As soon as the player has a fairy random wild fairies can be encountered here aswell. If the player possesses the Fairy card of Earth he can open a secret area of the garden. The elevator there will lead to the Dwarven Area in the Realm of Clouds.

The following fairies can be found here:

These fairies can be found using the Ocean Conch:

Rafi Edit

Rafi 101x223


Rafi is a swamp goblin who can be found in the first area. He is the one who places the chest in the players home in London where the rune to the Fairy Garden can be found. He also gives useful tips what the player can or should do next.

Western Fairy Garden Edit

Fairy garden first area 1024x768

Elf in the first area of the eastern Fairy Garden

The eastern Fairy Garden can be reached from the village Endeva. It consists of two areas, followed by the Cottage and two areas of the Fairy Garden again. In the first area the player can find a female elf who will trade her Tadana, which is also one of the possible starter fairies, for a silver sphere.

The following fairies can be found here:

These fairies can be found using the Ocean Conch:

Dwarf fairy garden 589x537

Dwarf in the Fairy Garden

Behind the Cottage are two areas of the eastern Fairy Garden aswell. A dwarf can be found in the first area, as soon as the player can remove the thorn bush. He wil sell Darbue to the player for 400 coins. The spell merchant nearby will sell energy spells only.

Fairy Garden - Waterfall Edit


Waterfall in the Fairy Garden

The Waterfall is a secret place in the Fairy Garden. It can only be accessed from the western Fairy Garden if the player has the Fairy card of Earth. An elf can be challenged in a fairie duel here. He will hand over the Key to the Town Hall after his defeat. The second part of the Dark Caves can be reached from the Waterfall aswell.

These fairies can be found using the Ocean Conch:

Nothern Fairy Garden Edit

The northern Fairy Garden can be accessed from Endeva. Seamus is blocking the way until the player has received his first fairy and the pixie bag. The area has no random encounters, except for a Worgot who will appear one time only.

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