Misty swamp

The Misty Swamp (2,4) is a large area surrounding Dunmore (1). Several shadow elves can be found in the swamp and will challenge the player to a fairie duel. If the player leaves the hard ground and walks into the muddy water he will slowly begin to sink until he is drowned. The game will than reload the last save.

Eastern Swamp Edit

Misty swamp locations

Dunmore (1), Eastern Swamp (2), Great Tree (3), Southern Swamp (4)

Misty swamp plateau

Plateau in the eastern swamp

The eastern swamp can be reached from Dunmore. Deep inside the swamp is a plateau where the Fairy card of nature magic can be found. The player has to follow the wisps, as stated by the Forest Owl, to find this place. The shadow elves here have several fairies around level 16-20.

The following fairies can be found:

The following fairies can be found using the Ocean Conch:

Southern Swamp Edit

Gate to the shadow realm

Gate blocking the path to the Shadow Realm

The southern swamp can be reached from Dunmore aswell. In the middle of the swamp lies the Great Tree (3). However, the access is blocked by an elf. He lost his fairy Segbuzz and wants it back. The second part, behind the Great Tree, leads to the Shadow Realm. It can only be accessed if the player possesses the Heavy Iron Key.