Mountain world

Southern Mountain World

The Mountain World is a large area in the fairy world. It can be accessed from the Fairy Garden behind the Cottage as soon as the player can remove thorn bushes. The Mountian World provides acces to the Dark Caves (2), Tower of the Dwarves (1), On the Peaks (3), the Ice Caves (4), the city of Monagham (5) and the Lava Caves (6).

Mountain world map-0

Tower of the Dwarves (1), Dark Caves (2), On the Peaks (3), Ice Caves (4), Monagham (5), Lava Caves (6)

Southern Mountain World Edit

The Southern Mountain World can be reached from the Fairy Garden. Several Shadow Elves can be found here, most of them having fairies around level 20 to 30. They stop the player from advancing too far into the areas without having a strong team of fairies. The Southern Mountain World leads to the Dark Caves and the Tower of the Dwarves.The following fairies can be found here:

Secret Mountain World Area Edit

Secret mountain world area

Mountain World area behind the Tower of the Dwarves

This place can be reached by defeating the dwarf in the Tower of the Dwarves area near the Elevator to the Realm of Clouds. A dwarf will guard a treasure here and will only allow the player to get it if he shows him the Tools of the Dwarves. If the player possesses the Tools of the Dwarves he will unlock the path to the Elemental Key of Fire.

Western Mountain World Edit

Western mountain world

Western Mountain World

The Western Mountain World can be reached from the Tower of the Dwarves. The entrance is guarded by the Leader of the Shadow Elves. He will challenge the player to a fairie duel. However, compared to the other Shadow Elves and the Tower Dwarves his fairies are rather weak. From the Western Mountain World the player can reach the On the Peaks area and the Ice Caves. The Entrance to Monagham and the Lava Caves is blocked until the player possesses the Fairy card of Earth. In the second area a dwarf can be found who is hiding from the Shadow Elves. He can be fought in a fairie duel and will use Tinefol and all its evolutions in the battle.

Tinefol dwarf in mountain world

Dwarf hiding from the Shadow Elves

The following fairies can be found here: