Realm of clouds

The Realm of Clouds

The Realm of Clouds can only be accessed by using the Elevator to the Realm of Clouds in the Tower of the Dwarves. It is the home of the White Druid but now pestered by Shadow Elves. The White Cathedral (1) and the Arena (2) can be found here aswell.

Realm of clouds map

White Cathedral (1), Arena (2)

Realm of Clouds Edit

The Realm of Clouds consists of several areas with small islands. They are connected by long bridges or portals. Several Shadow Elves can be found who will challenge the player to a fairie duel. Their fairies are around level 30 to 42. They use chaos, dark, ice, nature and air fairies. The map of the Realm of Clouds can be found in the first area. The White Druid will wait in the third area and will grant the player the Fairy card of Earth if he defeats the Shadow Elves around him. The Rune of the Realm of Clouds can be found in the third area aswell.

The following fairies can be found:

Spell Merchant Edit

A Spell Merchant can be found in the third area of the Realm of Clouds. He will sell air and light spells only.

The White Cathedral Edit

The White Cathedral is the home of the White Druid. It can only be accessed if the player possesses the Fairy card of Air. A Spell Merchant can be found inside the cathedral, as well as the White Druid and Lasse. The Spell Merchant will sell light spells only. The player will receive the Key to the Dwarf Factory from Lasse.

The Arena Edit

Realm of clouds arena

The Arena

The Arena is a place in the Realm of Clouds, formerly known for its great Tournaments. Nowadays its desolated. The General of the Shadow Elves can be found here, he helds the fairy Suane as a captive. If the player approaches him, he will challenge him to a fairy duel. He uses more than five fairies simultaneously making this fight very challenging. He uses chaos and dark fairies from level 14 to 29. After the fight, the player will get Quinlin's Staff of Rule from him.

Dwarven Area Edit

Realm of clouds dwarven area

Dwarven area in the Realm of Clouds

A secret area in the Realm of Clouds can be reached by using an elevator in the Fairy Garden. Several metal fairies can be found here, guarding three Box of Tricks. In them, the player can find two Forgotten Tools of the Dwarves in each of them.

The following fairies can be found :


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Sometimes, the Leader of the Shadow Elves, which has to be defeated to free Lasse, will not spawn in front of Lasse. Instead he may be found in one of the other rooms.

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