Entrance shadow realm

Entrance to the Shadow Realm

Shadow realm

The Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is the final area in the fairy world the player will enter. It can be accessed from the Misty Swamp if the player possesses the Heavy Iron Key. It is the home of the Shadow Elves. Deep inside the Shadow Realm are several paths which require a key. One of them will lead to the Dark Cathedral (1).

Shadow realm map

The Shadow Realm and the Dark Cathedral (1)

Red Bone Key Path Edit

The key to this path can be found in the room with all gates. The player has to activate a glittering spot and jump over several platforms to get the key. A Spell Merchant can be found here. Also a Shadow Elf, which has five fairies around lvl 45 to 55. The Rune of the Shadow Realm can also be found here. The Green Bone Key can be found near the Spell Merchant.

Spell Merchant Edit

The Spell Merchant in this area will sell dark, fire, chaos and ice spells.

Green Bone Key Path Edit

This path can be opened with the Green Bone Key. Several Shadow Elves can be found here, wich will challenge the player to a faire duel. They have five fairies with an average level of 50. Two Skeletons can be found in the final area of this path. One of them will trade a Pix for the Blue Bone Key.

Skeleton pix

This skeleton wants to trade a Pix for a Bone Key

Blue Bone Key Path Edit

On this path the player has to defeat several Shadow Elves in a large fairie battle with 10 enemy fairies. After they are defeated, the player may enter the Dark Cathedral.