Tower of the dwarves

The Tower of Dwarves

The Tower of Dwarves is a building in the Mountain World. It is inhabited by four tower dwarves. Inside the tower, the player can find the Rune of the Dwarf Tower, the map of the Mountain World and the Elemental key of Earth. Near the Tower lies the elevator to the Realm of Clouds. A dwarf can be found nearby aswell, he is blocking the entrance to a cave and can only be challenged if the player has an psi fairy in his current team.

Tower Dwarf Edit

The Tower Dwarves are the residents of the tower. They guard the Elemental key of Earth. The player has to defeat all four of them in a fairie duel to get the key. They use three to five stone or psi fairies around level 19 to 29. After their defeat, they will talk about the Realm of Clouds, the places there and the White Druid.

Elevator to the Realm of Clouds Edit

Teleporter realm of clouds

The Elevator to the Realm of Clouds provids acces to the Realm of Clouds, if the player possesses the Elemental key of Nature, the Elemental key of Air and the Elemental key of Earth.