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Tiralin - City of Fairies

Tiralin is the capital city in the world of ZanZarah.Tiralin is in the center of the Enchanted Forest, north of the Fairy Garden. The Rune of Tiralin also teleports the player to the town. The town consists of three areas. The central area with the mayors building, the western area where a special trader is and the eastern area where a tavern and shop are located. 

Central TiralinEdit

Town hall

Mayors building

The central area of Tiralin is the main gate of the town it leads to the Enchanted Forest and the vilage Endeva. Its also the place where the mayors building is located. Inside the player can find the map of the Enchanted Forest. An locked area can be opened with the Key to the Town Hall. In a Box of Tricks chest there, the player will find the Cloverleaf. In front of the building is a dwarf who will trade his three crystals for a few coins.  

Western TiralinEdit



Upon first entering the western area, Seamus will aproach the player and challenge him to a fairie duel. He has about 4 fairies around level 4-10. Next to the city gate stands Eirik the dwarf. The player can challenge him to a fairie duell. His fairies are around level 10-15. After the battle he will mention that some of the dwarves are trying to find the perfect fairie combination. Near Eirik is a house which the player can enter. Inside he will find a special merchant who will sell items after the player has catched the pixie in his cellar. His Mana Potions cost 10 coins less than normal. A key to the catacombs is located in a chest in his house aswell. 

Special Shop Edit

  • Golden Carrot, 250
  • Moulding Magic, 40
  • Garlic Atomizer, 40
  • Mana Potion, 20

Eastern TiralinEdit

The eastern area of Tiralin is the trading district. A Tavern can be found where the player can exchance silver speres for higher spheres and other items. There is also an elf with whom the player can play a minigame for 10 coins. There is also a dwarf who will sell crystals for 10 coins each. The merchant in the shop will sell the Rune to Dunmore which the player has to buy to advance the story. She will later trade Suane for Segbuzz. In this shop the player can also find a sphere merchant. The Gate in this district will lead to the northern Enchanted Forest

Sphere Exchange Edit

  • Golden Sphere for 3 Silver Sphere
  • Crystal Sphere for 5 Silver Sphere
  • Garlic Atomizer for 1 Silver Sphere
  • Moulding Magic for 1 Silver Sphere

Shop Edit

  • Small Healing Potion, 5
  • Medium Healing Potion, 10
  • Big Healing Potion, 20
  • Healing Herbs, 20
  • Medicine, 25

Sphere Merchant Edit

  • Silver Sphere, 60
  • Gold Sphere, 150
  • Crystal Sphere, 300