Book Number: 10
Type: Nature
Gender: Male
Evolves from: None
Evolves to: Corgot
Hit Points: Twostar
Dexterity: Fourstar
Jump Ability: Threestar
Special: Twostar

Worgot is a Fairy of Nature. He evolves into Corgot at level 22.

Book of Fairies entryEdit

As larvae, Worgots depend on symbiosis with their flying companions, which they cannot completely steer yet. This strange pair can be found in the bark of trees, in blossoming plants and in swamps.


In the course of the storyline a Worgot is also given to the player in exchange of Segbuzz.

Growth Edit

Level New Spell Level reached
17 Nature offNature offJoker off / Nature defNature def / Nature offNature off /
? (max)

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